Let Fitness Not Be fad

Planning to join a gym, but not finding the time to begin? Dilly dallying remains an undying trait in most of us, especially when it comes to joining a fitness club. A curious attribute, that lets us make time for pursuing a hobby or plan a recreational trip; at times even wile away a holiday. And still we wait for the right time to join a gym. While we know it pretty well that this waiting around wouldnt do us much good, we still remain full of hope that someday we would start. At Afterburn Fitness Club Valencia, were of the opinion that let alone this approach, even short term motivation isnt really the right way.

The Real Motivation

At our Fitness Center Valencia, we can tell you from experience that motivation to join a fitness club can be of many kinds. It can be about looking good, attaining more strength, flexibility, positivity- but at the same time can be very short lived. Want to know how? Its been seen that as people move towards realizing their goals, their satisfaction is on a rise. And when the day they realize their goal arrives, their motivation dries up. Having been in the business from over half a decade, our experts at Afterburn Fitness, Gym Santa Clarita observe that fitness has become more of a trend and lost its sanctity. One of the senior trainers at Afterburn Fitness remarked, Fitness is reduced to a fad. Guys want washboard abs and once theyve got them, its back to complacency.

So, whats the right motivation then? Or does it really matter what is someones motivation as long as he/she is motivated?

Though the question seems little too complicated, the answer to it is simple. There is absolutely nothing wrong with how people get motivated. Its just that they shouldnt be shortsighted in their endeavors.

Fitness for Life

At Afterburn Gym Valencia, we believe in Fitness for life. Which means we must remain equally motivated in our fitness endeavors, even after achieving our goals and must never discontinue the fitness regime.

It should become an everyday habit, without which the day isnt over. The second important thing is that a workout must never become daunting. Its partly a job of your trainer and partly your own that you dont feel subdued or lose heart by looking at others in the gym, who have better physiques. Think of how regular they must be in their routines, since theyve achieved their best. And the third and the most significant thing is, take one step at a time and each day as it comes.
And fitness must get entwined with your journey of life

Training should be Fun

Afterburn Fitness Center Valencias, variety of training modules give people plenty of choices in their workout regimes. People come to the friendly atmosphere of the gym and take home the warmth and positivity. Always remember- the day a workout loses its excitement, it directly affects motivation.

Make a Pact with Yourself

You must make a promise with yourself or rather with your body, that youd take care of it, come what may and that nothing would interfere with this pact. Not your work, not recreation, not complacency and never at all laziness. It should be treated as a necessity, like taking a bath, where your willingness doesnt have a say.

Being the best fitness facilitators in the vicinity of Santa Clarita, Afterburn Fitness Center Valencia, takes your commitment with your body very seriously.
Afterburn believes that motivation must transcend the barriers of short term goals, though such goals can serve you well, you must never lose sight of the bigger picture.

Fitness In Your Fabulous Forties

As we get older, we often pause to evaluate ourselves: Am I accomplishing all I want? Am I doing enough to help others? Am I flossing enough? Do I like my work? All sorts of questions pop into our minds. But, when you turn 40, 50, 60, and beyond the questions change. Why is my body making that noise? Am I eating right? What sorts of exercises do I need to stay fit?

We all ask these questions because we want to feel better and live healthier lives. However, as we age the exercises we did in our 20s and 30s are not as easy or as much fun anymore. Its time to find new ways to make fitness work for us, not against us. We know regular exercise can and will keep us strong and vital. It is just a matter of finding activities that fit our needs.

Our Body is Changing. Our bodies change throughout our lives. We tend to notice these changes more as we age. We see the results of physiological changes around 40 and after, states Greg Payne, author, professor at San Jose State Universitys Human Performance Department. Payne says, Strength, cardiovascular capacity, metabolic rate, flexibility and reaction time decrease as we grow older. Over 40, specialist believe our functional capacity of most organ systems start to decline at the rate of one percent a year (or 10 percent a decade) if left unchecked. Decrease in bone mass, which hastens osteoporosis (especially in women), and water loss are major changes that take place.

Optimistically, many of the symptoms of aging are really symptoms of lack of exercise. Studies show we can prevent as much as 50 percent of functional decline by participating in regular exercise. Decline is related directly to lifestyle choices rather than the biological process of aging.

Getting Motivated. Everyone has different motives for working out from feeling and looking physically better to stress management and a need for physical fun and social activity. One major reason people choose to exercise is to improve appearance. However, the consultations, health histories and goals my over forty clients share with me indicate exercise becomes a health issue and stress-relief mechanism. Flexibility and strength become functional priorities in preserving their quality of life. Weight loss is important for appearance, as well as for health issues; e.g. high cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, breathlessness and fatigue.

Exercise importance is pretty much a given, while adherence is the key. Having fun and working out with a friend or family member helps encourage regular activity.

Over Forty Exercise Programs. A balanced exercise program that includes cardiovascular exercise (preferably low impact), muscular strengthening, endurance training and flexibility exercise is important for clients over 40. Fitness level, not age, determines the design, content and approach of a program. Its never too late to exercise and you are never too old to start. When considering the average inactive population, my philosophy is that something is better than nothing, and my goal is to encourage participation in any activity that will result with health benefits. For more information and tips on exercise, go to http://www.easyexercisetips.com

All About Horizon Fitness Elliptical Trainers

Horizon Fitness is fully owned by Johnson Health Tech., a Chinese manufacturer that has been in business for over 25 years. They also are the majority stockholders in Vision Fitness, Matrix Fitness, and AFG.
Horizon Fitness elliptical trainers are manufactured in Johnson’s factory in China, the same factory as the Vision elliptical trainers. They compete head-to-head with lower priced Vision and Icon elliptical trainers.
The Importance of Horizon Fitness Elliptical Trainers
Horizon Fitness manufactures nine different elliptical trainers that are almost the same design. These trainers are rated at the low end of the quality scale, and are referred to as cheap by some people because of the cheap particle-brake drive systems which are disguised by Horizon’s referring to them as “ECB.”
Horizon Fitness elliptical trainers are sold in the United States by Dick’s Sporting Goods, Sears, and The Sports Authority. A big problem is in the design of the trainers is cheap rollers that roll on tracks along the ground and collect dirt over time, resulting in a bumpy and uneven ride.
The mechanical braking system is known to have frequent problems and requires replacement of cheap components. This problem also wastes the user’s time and money.
On the positive side, most Horizon Fitness elliptical trainers have some nice amenities built in, like fans and iPod docking stations.
Horizon Fitness Elliptical Trainer – E1200
This trainer is priced at around $2,600. Granted, this is one of the best elliptical trainers Horizon Fitness makes, but comparing apples to apples with competitive machines, they are way out of their price range here.
The best things about this trainer is that it comes with 16 different resistance levels, 16 different fitness programs, no-slip foot pad, and two amber LED windows with long alpha numeric display. Thankfully, it comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame.
Horizon Fitness Elliptical Trainer – E900
With an asking price of $2,200, this trainer is a bad value because of the numerous problems with the braking system and a resistance level that adjusts very slowly. Avoid this trainer at all costs.
Horizon Fitness Elliptical Trainer – CX-66
Users report that the feel and movement is very poor on this machine. The overall cost of this machine is $1,400.
Horizon Fitness Elliptical Trainer – EX-76
Price tag on this machine is around $1,200. This trainer also receives poor consumer ratings because of the cheap components used to build it. On the bright side, it does have more resistance levels and brighter displays than the other Horizon Fitness elliptical trainers.
Horizon Fitness Elliptical Trainer – SXE-7.7
This trainer has very nice non-slip articulating foot pedals. The bad news is that it has a very awkward looking display and uses the old roller track elliptical design.

In 5 Exercise For Kids All-round Fitness

Leading sports doctors have strongly criticised the way PE is being taught in English schools for a long time and along with children spending more time behind a computer instead of on a sports field children are becoming more unfit as each generation comes along. Experts say many children do not get a proper workout, which would help them develop coordination, strength and agility.

The British Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine wants all schools to use a short exercise routine called “five-in-five”, although the Department for Education said PE was a matter for individual schools and if they didnt want to adopt it that was their prerogative. Specialists in sports and exercise medicine say that too often PE lessons focus on developing sports skills rather than encouraging flexibility and movement.

A leading international sports coach, Kelvin Giles who coached the Australian Wallabies has devised this whilst working with elite sports men and women around the world, from athletics and rugby to football and tennis. “You can get stronger, you can get more stable, you can have a much better posture, by exposing yourself to five minutes a day,” said Mr Giles.

Teacher Zoe Biggs started the programme with her class of nine and 10-year-olds at Camps Hill Primary School in Stevenage last year. The children have been delighted, as their fitness has improved. Zoe said ” Progress was closely monitored through the academic year. The improvements flexibility, co-ordination and strength were noticeably. Children said they enjoyed it stating “It’s quite hard at first but when you do lots it’s actually quite easy,” said one. Another said it was fun, but confessed that it sometimes left him feeling “hot and bothered”.

Nowadays in PE there is only 8 minutes of activity per person in a typical 40-minute lesson. Often the kids are standing around cross-legged just listening to the teacher talk. As a result the kids heart rates arent kept at the right level for long enough leaving most children pretty unfit.

The five-in-five routines involve:
Hot foot lizard in a push-up position lift left foot and right hand and bring together
Upside down bug on your back, lift your left leg and touch it with your left arm
Kangaroo Lunge Perform a lunge ending with a jump
Hip hitch lie on your back, lift a leg off the floor and rotate it out towards the side
4-point weight-lifter – on all 4s lift each limb off the floor in turn and hold position

The initiative has won the backing of the UK’s leading sports doctors. At its annual conference in London, the British Association of Sports and Exercise Medicine called on UK governments to incorporate the programme in all schools. The Association’s chairman is former Olympic gold medallist rower, and chief medical officer for the London Olympics, Dr Richard Budgett. He is deeply concerned about PE in schools. “If you’re not a natural athlete, not attracted to sport and exercise, there is a real problem. It’s very easy to drop out. By using a programme like five-in-five in schools we can get young people with the skills that they can then use as they get older. So they can keep fit, keep their joints working properly and prevent all sorts of diseases, from osteoarthritis through to diabetes and heart disease.”

Budget Friendly Home Fitness Equipment

Before deciding to purchase a home fitness equipment, the user has to get the advice of the physician whether he or she is really fit to do exercises at home, whether it is a strength building exercise or a cardio exercise.

For strength building exercises, there are much small and inexpensive home fitness equipment like dumb bells, free weights, and many more. There are strength training machines that allow maintaining a proper form and would also be helpful in minimizing the risk of injury. Such equipment are also suitable for those who have a limited space in the home.

When it comes to the selection of equipment for cardio workouts at home, there are a number of choices including treadmills that are comfortable and familiar, elliptical trainers that give a low impact work out taking care of the joints and so on. An exercise bike would be a compact home fitness equipment and does not take much of the space.

Elliptical trainers are the ultimate fitness equipment which combine the advantages of both the treadmill and stair stepper. Since different equipment are designed to cater to the needs of different parts of the body, it is better to assess what type of equipment is suitable to the user before finalizing. So, it is sane to purchase equipment with which the user is already familiar and knows how to use it.

A budget has to be set apart for buying the home fitness equipment because the quality of the equipment and thereby, the safety of the user matter more than anything else. This can be judged when a user feels comfortable while using it. Earlier, space was the constraint which prevented people from buying home fitness equipment but now manufacturers have overcome this hurdle by introducing equipment that are foldable and compact, so that they fit into the garage and the budget of the buyer.

Home fitness equipment have many advantages. In addition to saving the time to reach the gym, home fitness equipment offer privacy and comfort of exercising at home. This also gives complete control of oneself and the environment because the user can listen to his or her own choice of music or watch a favorite television program while exercising.

Home fitness equipment also gives time to work out in between activates at home which would not be possible while in the gym. Most of the home fitness equipment come with the instructions on how to use them with written directions or DVDs and hence the user can rest assured that the money invested does not go in vain.

When regular exercises along with proper healthy diet are combined with the utility of home fitness equipment with a good level of motivation, the results are sure to be evident.

Achieve Your Fitness Goals With P90x Workout

The health market is the most expanding market as more and more people are showing interest in weight loss and diet programs. As people are appreciating the importance of good health and its effect on their looks and self-confidence they are getting drawn to diet and fitness regimes. The companies are taking advantage of this hype and introducing new products that promise to help people lose weight and become fit. P90X workout is one such product with huge potential.

What is P90X Workout?

P90X or Power 90 Extreme is a home based exercise system which is being developed by Tony Horton in collaboration with Beachbody CEO, fitness advisor and nutritionist and workout video director of MEGA MACE.

It took over two years to create P90X Workout. A lot of thought and ideas went to create this extraordinary program which has since then found many takers.

P90X Workout claims to improve physical fitness in 90 days through a segmented training program along with a nutrition and dietary supplement plan.

P90X Workout was conceptualized for people who had some level of fitness and wanted to go for a higher level.

Program review of P90X Workout

P90X is a 90 day program that includes several types of exercise techniques. Strength training, yoga, plyometrics, stretching and cardio form an integral part of it. The program includes a nutrition guide, fitness plan and series of DVDs and a calendar. In the DVDs several fitness models demonstrate the techniques that you have to learn.

The program also comes with a fitness test to determine whether it is suitable for an individual. Some of the moves are shown with low and high intensity.

If you adopt P90X Workout you have to work out for six days a week for a cycle of 13 weeks. According to your personal goals you can select any of the three rotations namely, classic, lean and doubles.

Benefits of P90X Workout

The P90X Workout program includes a variety of workouts like yoga and cardio and stretching which brings variety in your fitness regime. Most fitness experts opine such variety induces faster weight loss and hence P90X is a realistic program which produces results.

The program also stresses the importance of diet and change in lifestyle to lose weight healthily. To achieve your fitness goals you have to bring about changes in your life.

The nutrition guide will provide you tips about a healthy and balanced diet. The nutrition guide is planned according to the calories you need and is divided into three phases. The diets coincide with the workout programs and take care of your nutrition needs.

The program is a strict one with schedules for 90 days. Once you start working on it you will find that 90 days is not much of a deal.

There is no need to go to a gym. There is a virtual instructor who guides you through the sessions and you can do the workout from the convenience of your home and in your own time.

P90X Workout has gained immense popularity amongst fitness freaks due to the results it brings. With P90X Workout you can start enjoying a leaner and slimmer you with lots of energy and exuberance.

Boosting Your Fitness Level With Hiit Workouts

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) has now become a much preferred fitness program among athletes, owing to the incredible benefits it renders, from burning calories and aiding for weight loss to conditioning your anaerobic and aerobic levels and enhancing the metabolic processes. Further, working out HIIT exercises is an excellent way to improve your cardiovascular fitness level. A specialty of HIIT programs is that it involves short intervals of high intensity work-outs separated by low as well as medium intensity work-outs. Discussed below are regarded as some of the most effective HIIT workouts to improve your fitness level.

Sprints: For guaranteed fitness levels, sprinting is a great option. No matter it is performed indoors or outdoors, it can undoubtedly bring loads of amazing benefits. For instance, sprints done on the treadmill is considered highly effective.
Rope Jumping: This is an exceptional option to derive the complete benefits of HIT workout. However, this is not recommended for beginners.
Stair Climbing: This is another effective HIIT workout. But, make sure that you dont perform this workout in a bustling area while performing this exercise.
Biking: Biking is also a great HIIT workout. To get best results from this exercise, ensure that you perform it on an area with less traffic.
A HIIT workout plan must be devised according to your fitness level. For example, if you are a beginner, then try out the following HIIT workout routine.

2 to 3 minutes warm up
7 minutes HIIT of short intervals
20-minutes steady rate cardio
10 minutes HIIT of long intervals
On the other hand, if you are an advanced or a seasoned athlete, then go for a HIIT routine somewhat devised like this:

Day 1: 5 minutes jogging, 3 minutes walking for a period of 30 minutes
Day 2: 3 minutes jogging, 3 minutes walking for a period of 30 minutes
Day 3: Off
Day 4: 2 minutes jogging, 2 minutes walking for 20 minutes
Day 5: 25 seconds jogging, 25 seconds walking for 10 minutes
Day 6 and 7: Off
The concept of HIIT workout program is that short interval HIIT will discharge fatty acid to the blood stream, which in turn will be burnt off by steady rate cardio. Further, short interval HIIT also helps to minimize glycogen levels. When it comes to long interval HIIT, it helps for considerable glycogen reduction thus promoting for EPOC.

Top 5 Benefits Of Aerobic Fitness Courses

In majority of the cases, people think of fitness courses only when they acquire certain disease and find it hard to cope. However, health and fitness must be given prime concern in order to avoid such health conditions and stay fit. There is a number of activities that can be followed in order to let the toxins out and oxygen come in.Fitness courses help us learn some important activities and body movements to stay fit. Aerobic fitness is the most important thing which associates walking, running, swimming, biking etc. with the fitness course in order to provide a healthy life to the individuals.

Aerobic fitness or cardiovascular endurance is essential for active and healthy life and is a part of a balanced fitness regimen. The fitness program should include strength training, healthy nutrition, flexibility training and safety training to reach your fitness goals.It may seem daunting to include all such things into the daily fitness regime as many of us, due to our busy lifestyle, devote very short amount of time to exercise. Fitness Courses consequently, people try to find ways to include simple activity in their daily life which can provide them multiple benefits and promote cardiovascular health. Tremendous health benefit of aerobic exercise is the only answer to this solution.

Aerobic means ‘with oxygen’ and the exercise can be defined as any long duration exercise of low to moderate difficulty using large muscle groups such as legs, arms, back and gluteals. One must sustain the various activities of aerobics for 20 minutes or more to achieve its various benefits for good health.Diet Plans difficult or intense activities which can be sustained only for a short period of time are usually anaerobic or without oxygen and not necessarily produce as much benefits as of aerobics.When you will sit to count the benefits of aerobic fitness courses then you will get to know how effective it it.

The benefits are myriad which also include positive systemic changes. It lowers down the blood pressure and cholesterol level, reduces body fat and improves muscular endurance while increasing the metabolism. Aerobic activities are excellent for heart and muscle as these strengthen heart muscle making them more efficient and durable. Therefore, it can be said that it improves quality and quantity of life.These exercises not only extend the life span but also provide more energy to live your life to the fullest. In fact, aerobic exercise improves your body as a whole by also strengthening your tendons, ligaments and bones. It also allows your body to burn lots of calories by using fats and sugars more efficiently. Thus, it also helps you fight with the symptoms of ageing and illness.

Yoga Stretch Your Way To Fitness And Youthfulness

Asanas are usually better known as postures for their specific and detailed purpose of being doable and useful to everyone who wants to live healthily. A number of yoga trainers do not employ the term “exercises” on the movements, regarding exercises as demanding, tough and exhausting, compared to yoga which is meant to sustain energy.

Most exercises – aerobic, cardio workouts, resistance training, or other forms, require repeating body movements of speed and force. Exercises of this sort are bound to weaken and injure the muscle.

Regularly doing Yoga, on the other hand, promotes movements for to energize and stabilize your physical, mental and spiritual self.

Workouts are meant to attain the goal of raising your heart rate to a specific desired level for advantages to your cardiovascular system. While Yoga, again in contrast, makes you relaxed and causes your heart rate and breathing to normalize after each posture, before you go on to the succeeding posture. Yoga is aimed at maintaining and prolonging the elasticity of the spinal column. A supple and lithe spine is usually associated with youth and good health.

Getting into a regular Yoga practice doesn’t mean you have to give up your other exercises. Even though Yoga is unlike the usual types of exercise, it can integrated with these exercises or sports activities too. Combining Yoga stationary stretching with other types of exercise has been established to provide great assistance in lowering your chances of potential damage or injury from doing those exercises for a long period. The stretching in Yoga postures can provide a lot of comfort to relax constricted muscles and joints and also aid in limbering up the muscles and joints. The regular performance of even just the Sun Salutation sequence, which is very easy and gentle, you can increase and ease the flow of your blood throughout your body.

You can manage your stress, you get power and elasticity and cardiovascular gains for your body too.

Constant practice of yoga can be of great help in performing other types of exercise.

So you can now conclude that there are countless gains from frequently doing yoga. Researches reveal the usefulness of Yoga also to pregnant women, to athletes recovering from injury in their games, and body builders whose muscles have become stiff from frequent workouts in the gym. Every yoga asana that you pose is intended to be in contact with, to rub down and to spur specific organs or system in your body to perform well and effectively.

Jennifer Nicole Lee How To Look Like A Fitness Model Without Being One

How did Jennifer Nicole Lee, an hefty mom with two young kids go from being a 200 lb frump to a head-turning, beautifully toned, internationally acclaimed “Bikini Model” in under 12 months? I don’t know about you, but I’d really like to know.

If you’re not familiar with my story, let me quickly tell you a little about myself. My name is Nora Campbell. I was a grossly obese health provider and Ilost more than 60 lbs over a 16 month period. And for the past few years I’ve been writing and teaching others weight loss strategies, and reviewing the best diet plans to share with my readers..

Am I happy with my success? Absolutely. Yet when I saw how Jennifer Nicole Lee has sculpted her body, I must admit, for a moment a bit of envyreared its ugly head. Although I used to weigh in at close to 220 lbs, I’m now slender and reasonably fit. I can even hold my own in a bikini… but “I Ain’t No Fitness Model”. And I can’t help but wonder’If Jennifer can take her body from a dowdy 200 lbs mom, to drop-dead gorgeous fitness model, perhaps I can also. Perhaps we ALL can…’

So I decided to take a closer look at Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Fitness Model Program. After all, her program’s slogan is “How To Look Like A Fitness Model Without Being One”. Ok, so I admit that even though I’m a happily married woman with kids, I want to look like a fitness model. There, I said it. I’m not ashamed (well, maybe just a little ashamed).

So, after losing nearly 90lbs of excess weight, I thought I was happy just being thin and attractive, but secretly, I guess I’ve always wanted more… I’ve always wanted to be a “Knock-Out”! “But should I really try for GORGEOUS? Might I be setting myself up for disappointment? For failure? Maybe…

But I decided to take a closer look at her Fitness Model Program to find out Jennifer’s secrets.Needless to say, since Jennifer Nicole Lee’s Fitness Model Program is protected under copyright law, I can’t divulge details about her health and fitness program. I will however, share some of the highlights. Perhaps you aren’t aware of this, but following her transformation, Jennifer Nicole Lee became a Certified Personal Trainer, and Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition. So, she definitely know what she’s talking about.

Jennifer’s Fitness Model Program is specifically for busy women just like YOU and ME (students, business women, mothers), to help women achieve a Fitness Model body in the least amount of time, expending the least amount of energy, and shelling out the least amount of money.

The Fitness Model Program doesn’t require hours of daily workouts to deliver results. This program claims that any woman can build attractive, feminine muscle tone with her 20-minute per day workouts done at home. And you will need only simple equipment like barbells, an exercise bench and workout mat.

But what about the eating plan? That’s an excellent questio. The nutrition guidelines for this program actually require you to eat MORE, and more often. This program shows you the foods you MUST EAT to burn fat! And rest assured you that you WILL NOT be hungry on this plan!

The “Fitness Model Program” shows you weight training secrets, and shares techniques for getting maximum results. And her program will even show you how to get rid of cellulite! Her nutrition and interval training techniques will also give you more energy and more stamina!

The Jennifer Nicole Lee 12-Week Fitness Model Program is designed to help you create feminine muscle definition. And to become more confident and develop that Fitness Model look.