The Truth About Jon Benson Eodd Fitness Diet

The truth is that Jon Benson’s EODD fitness diet is not for everyone. Some claim it’s a scam while others have claimed Jon Benson’s EODD fitness diet an answer to their prayers. If you have every joined a diet plan, worked it for a few weeks and fell off only to find yourself online searching for yet another program to join, you may want to consider a few points before your next purchase.

Why did you fail in the first place?

Was it a strict diet that left you feeling hungry all the time and it was just a matter of time that you would fail? Was it an exercise program that demanded at least an hour a day with virorous workouts that you just couldn’t keep up with. You started putting off workouts for another day until a whole week went by before you realized it just wasn’t going to work for you? To really decide if Jon Benson’s EODD fitness diet will work for you, you should have a general idea of what didn’t work before and compare it to what this program has to offer.

How does it work?

Well for anyone who spends at least 3 nights a week at the gym might not be interested in Jon Benson’s EODD fitness diet program. Not to say that one couldn’t benefit from it, but this program is certainly geared for those who have failed previous diets and those who don’t have much time to exercise everyday. Going against traditional diet plans, Jon Benson’s EODD fitness diet focuses on calorie shifting not cutting. Majority of diets focus on cutting down your daily calorie intake everyday to force your metabolism to burn body fat. While this may seem like a good idea, what ends up happening is your body can predict you calorie intake and from there adjusts your metabolism accordingly. This usually leads to your metabolism slowing down and you feel like you are starving yourself without much success of losing a lot of weight.

Jon Benson’s EODD fitness diet focuses on shifting your calories from day to day to confuse your metabolism to work harder everyday to keep up with all of the calories you consume. For exampleon one day you eat whatever you wantpizza, pasta, tacos, ice cream, cheeseburgers. Now the very next day you eat lighter and focus on eating foods that are rich in protein. Protein helps your body burn fat. What happens is your metabolism is still working as hard as the first day when you ate your favorite foods so when you eat lighter and healthier foods, your metabolism burns these calories at the exact same rateleading you to shed off pounds of fat while following a moderate exercise plan. All of this is outlined step by step in Jon Benson’s EODD fitness diet.

The Woodchoppers Fitness Strength Training Secrets

Ever wondered how the toughest men alive really build massive strength fast as a hungry cheetah? They all know the same fitness strength training secret…

Building real core strength and fitness strength training at peak performance. Combining both objectives is a fitness workout that gets real results. It’s an awesome fitness strength training method to build your core fast and develop solid brute-force strength.

We call it the woodchoppers exercise! Haha pretty funny. I like the name because really, this fitness workout will get you strong like a 19th century axe woodchopper. It was probably THE fitness strength training method in times of old.

Here’s what you need: A medicine ball and an exercise ball. The exercise ball isn’t mandatory…But I recommend it for building stability. You can also use it for various abdominal fitness workouts.

A medicine ball is a common tool used by professional MMA & boxing athletes for developing brute-force strength. Here’s how the fitness workout for “woodchoppers” strength works:

1. Sit on your exercise ball with your feet at a 90 degree angle to the floor.

2. Hold the medicine ball to your side with both hands (it should be square to your waist)

3. Raise the ball upwards toward the sky on the opposite side of your body.

4. Bring the ball back down to your waist (to the starting position).

Focus on doing 4 sets of 10 for this fitness workout. And remember… always change your fitness workout up. After 4 weeks, try doing 1 set of 50 for 2 weeks, then go to 3 sets of 15, etc.

In 12 weeks, you’ll have a completely new body that’s ripped and strong. This fitness strength training exercise truly does wonders.

But word of caution: If you’re doing this fitness workout at the gym… be sure not to whip the ball towards the sky too fast. Develop a good grip first. When you get comfortable then go faster.

I’m telling you this because one of my most embarrassing moments in life was at the gym. I was doing the woodchoppers fitness strength training workout for the first time…

I quickly raised the medicine ball as high as I could toward the other side of my body…But when I looked up…The medicine ball wasn’t in my hand!

It was flying through the air toward the area where mats are laid out for people to work on their abs and other fitness workouts. The worst landing spot on the entire planet!

So this medicine ball landed 2 inches away from the face of a gorgeous woman at Gold’s Gym! She was lying down on a mat doing her abs and didn’t notice this 12-pound thing flying through the air towards her. It landed so close to her face she screamed at 90 decibals! The fitness trainers and other Gold’s Gym staff rushed over towards her.

I apologized to the woman and the fitness training staff. One fitness trainer tried to sell me his training services as if I was a newbie to fitness workouts.

Every man and woman at the gym stared at me. And people were watching me like hawks for months after this happened…Everytime I did the woodchopper fitness strength training workout.

So take it slow when you’re starting this exercise. Practice makes perfect. You’ll get so good at it, you won’t need to worry about repeating this embarrassing moment I had.

After a couple weeks, take this fitness strength training workout high intensity. It’ll get you strong as an oxen in 4-6 weeks.

Refurbished Fitness Equipment Evaluation Of Cybex Total Body Arc Trainer 610a Refurbished

Why buy refurbished fitness equipment? Well, if you really need a great fitness routine and just can’t afford a high priced piece of equipment, this could be the answer for you. Refurbished fitness equipment is equipment that was used by someone before, but it is returned to its previous sellable state. What this means it that it still works like new but costs you less money. You can envision the amount of cash you can save from opting for refurbished fitness equipment. Keeping that in mind, let me tell you all about a piece of exercise equipment that can fulfil your conditioning needs but at a cheaper price. Here’s some information on Total Body Arc Trainer Cybex 610A.

Average Score: 9.5 of a possible 10 stars

Main Aspects:

The resistance range is from 0 to 900 Watts, there are 101 levels offered in Manual mode
Is designed with about 11 inclined challenging levels
There are 10 level programs which include Manual, Cardiac Exercise, Strength Training, Weight Loss Training, Quick Start and Hill Interval
Has a 7×10 dot matrix graphic display that shows vital information including distance, calories, METs, watts, time, incline and resistance level, as well as multi-colour indication of heart rate range
Heart rate is Polar companionable but is monitored by heart rate grips

Price Tag: About $3,375.00

Product Report:

Even though its refurbished fitness equipment, the Cybex Total Body Arc Trainer 610A still looks extremely good with its unique design evolving from its award winning predecessor the Cybex Arc Trainer 600A. Just with one look we’re sure that you’ll fall in love with this fitness equipment. It has got patent pending Same Side Forward (SSF) movement that lets the user sustain his posture and matches up lower and upper physique concurrently. With this method, whether your intensity level is high or moderate, you don’t have to be troubled with extra tension in your back region. The unique and innovative SSF motion lets you target or have lower or upper body workouts.

Product Specifics:

Amazing Eddy current brake
Has a double step-up drive
Max User Capacity 400lbs/181kg
306cm long x 96cm wide x 153cm high (upper hand grips) or 72cm high (lower hand grips at base)
Weight is 370lbs or 168kg

Product Features:

It is equipped with distinctively contoured handles that give tremendous comfort whilst exercising. Besides that, the Cybex Arc Trainer is equipped with longer four-bar linkage arms and henceforth is not going to inflict stress on your wrist whilst providing a complete shoulder ROM (range of motion); additionally, it lowers stress to your feet and your ankles. Additionally, the movements of the footplates mock the normal movement of walking which leads to a more natural and relaxed feeling. Also, this amazing fitness equipment makes use of Eddy current brake.

Warranty: One year


The Cybex Total Body Arc Trainer 610A is a genuine masterpiece in regards to supplying the user with a challenging workout whilst retaining posture. It doesn’t matter if it is refurbished fitness equipment or otherwise, we are certain that the 610A Total Body Arc Trainer will fulfil all your fitness desires.

Dont Lose Track Of Your Fitness Goals

It is so straightforward to get a gym membership on January 1st going for a couple of weeks then the next minute you get caught up inside your busy way of life, these words almost certainly sound familiar “this year I will get toned up/ lose 2 stone’s”.

How can we stop falling off track? By setting short term objectives i.e. set a three week training regime for three days Mon, Wed, Fri you should know what you’ll do on those days regardless of whether its set classes or a programme written by a fitness professional. A important step would be to weigh/ measure your self self so you might have a reference of where you began and then do the exact same at the end of the 3 weeks.

You undoubtedly desire to maintain a food diary just to start with until you get your self into a great habit of eating, plus it’s very good to see in written where youre going wrong. This can make such a distinction to the outcomes you accomplish.

Once you’ve completed the very first 3weeks you need to notice a slight change physically and mentally. In case you do not see significantly distinction do not be disheartened just be much more strict on what you eat, step up your game within the gym and maybe add an additional day to your training. An additional very good thing would be to mark the days you’ll want to attend on your calendar and inside your diary to ensure you do not overlook your three week mission. Once you’ve completed your very first three weeks makes certain you change your routine to stay away from coming to a halt or just obtaining plain board.

Timing is important, change the timing of your gym occasionally go within the morning, other times after work. This way you’ll be able to come across out the very best timings that suit you. Plenty of gyms open at 6.30am; try going just before work, see how significantly is changes the perspective of your day. You’ll feel far more relaxed.

If youre lacking motivation or never have an organised routine why not try a personal trainer just until you get into routine. It is possible to explain your objectives to them and they can put together a tailored programme for you and guide you on nutrition. An additional excellent tip would be to tell your friends, partner and work colleges what youre up to so they can ask you how youre performing at the gym, it is possible to get support from those that live with you and at least you’ll not feel so tempted to fall into eating poor habits whilst around them.

Follow this guidance and stay focused on your mission at hand, and make certain you ask the fitness experts inside your gym questions its their job to assist you.

Muscle Building Supplements For Senior Fitness

Good Muscle Building Supplements Hard to Find for Senior Fitness

Muscle mass drops quickly after about age 50. Muscle loss becomes a health concern starting after age 60. Unfortunately, the vast majority of supplements for enhancing lean body mass are directed at younger people. Research studies on their use for seniors is either absent or shows weak results.

Typical examples include growth hormone (hGH) secretagogues, supplements that increase hGH release from the pituituary gland. HGH spikes are very valuable for counteracting muscle loss. The most commonly researched supplement for this purpose is L-arginine. The bad news that I discovered for my age group (mid-60s), though, is that it fails for us seniors.

The best that commercial industry has to offer is a product called Ensure Muscle Health. I wouldn’t put that junk in my body on a dare. Taking a quick look at the Nutrition Facts shows that this is mostly sugar water – the first two ingredients are water and sugar – with a few grams of protein, mostly from casein, the cheapest protein on the market. To be at least a little positive, you get 13 grams of protein to go with your 22 grams of sugar (part of 32 grams of carbohydrate overall).

That is way too much sugar! For comparison, one small, 8 oz bottle provides almost 2.5 times the amount of sugar as a 12 oz can of Coca Cola. Wow!

If anything, the best ingredient in this product for building or retaining muscle mass is hidden in the ingredients list: beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (aka, HMB). You know what that is, right? Right…it’s a common supplement that everyone knows about – NOT. This is actually a fantastic ingredient for muscle building supplements, especially for senior fitness, which I have written about earlier.

The good news about HMB is twofold: 1) It is available in products other than Ensure Muscle Health; and, 2) It can be combined with two common amino acids, in reasonable doses, that have been shown to provide significant benefits in as few as 12 weeks. And it works in some the weakest seniors in our ‘mature’ population: elderly women.

Great News for Senior Men and Women

My view is that, if something works well in elderly women, even in the absence of an exercise program, then it certainly will help me. Here are full reference citation details of the study in questions:

Flakoll P, Sharp R, Baier S, Levenhagen D, Carr C, Nissen S. Effect of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, arginine, and lysine supplementation on strength, functionality, body composition, and protein metabolism in elderly women. Nutrition. 2004 May;20(5):445-51.

The study protocol included women of average age 76.7 years who were randomized to receive either a placebo or a treatment with 2 g beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate (HMB), 5 g arginine, and 1.5 g lysine daily.

After 12 wk, there was a 17% improvement in the “get-up-and-go” functionality test in the treatment group but no change in the placebo group. Improvements in the treatment group were also seen increased limb circumference, leg strength, handgrip strength and positive trends in fat-free mass. In addition, whole-body protein synthesis increased approximately 20% in the treatment group as opposed to the placebo group.

The authors concluded that daily supplementation of beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate, arginine, and lysine for 12 weeks positively alters measurements of functionality, strength, fat-free mass, and protein synthesis, suggesting that the strategy of targeted nutrition has the ability to affect muscle health in elderly women.

The nice thing about research studies like this is that, even if the scientific jargon is a little complicated, the conclusions are very clear. Let me also point out that the daily dosages used in this study correspond to reasonable amounts of these supplements: 2 grams of HMB, 5 grams of arginine, and 1.5 grams of lysine. In fact, supplements are now widely available that provide the right amount of HMB, and supplements have been widely available for a long time that provide the right amounts of arginine and lysine.

It may seem as though the benefits are a little understated here. As a career-long research scientist, I will just say that I’m not really into marketing hype. I think the research speaks for itself. A more telling comment is this: I am sufficiently impressed by this study that I have added these ingredients to my own daily supplement regimen. I recommend them for everyone, especially for us ‘mature’ folks who want (and expect) to stay fit for many years to come.

Fitness Kickboxing Workout Classes In Colwood, Bc

Kickboxing Classes in Colwood, BC, Victoria County

There are only so many days that someone wants to go to the gym. Consider a Colwood kickboxing class and start seeing results that the gym was never able to give you. People dread on the fact that they have to go to the gym every day and never see the results that they are looking for. Its about time you jump on the bandwagon of cardio exercises in Colwood, BC, rather than the conventional treadmill run.

With kick boxing boot camp exercises, the ability to increase the importance of your health and fitness, and the fact that you will be losing weight while enjoying a high energy fitness kickboxing workout, youll find yourself reaching your desired goal in achieving the body you always dreamed of having.

Boot camp exercises are workouts that add body weight exercises to classic kickboxing moves. Like traditional Colwood kickboxing classes, these involve active warm-up and cool-down periods. During boot camp exercises the use of body weights will train your bodys balancing mechanisms, as well as your coordination. Cardio kick boxing boot camp exercises in Colwood have the ability to fully work your entire body and burn large amounts of calories in just a short amount of time.

Health and fitness is extremely important and when it comes to kickboxing in Colwood, BC, you are guaranteed to be a healthier new YOU. Because this exercise is heart-pumping, you tend to increase your heart rate performance and breathing capacity. A Colwood Kickboxing classes is a high pace, high energy level fitness workout. This class allows you to be fully aware of your surroundings, letting all of your stress and frustrations out. You will be burning fat and toning your body all at the same time. Not only will you look great but you will feel great. You will be more confident and your spirits will be high. You will feel more alive and more ready than ever to take on daily tasks.

A more toned and fit physique is what everyone desires. Get encouraged and enroll today to be part of a Colwood kick boxing class and proceed to a great transformation!

Kick boxing classes in Colwood allow you to let loose. Your body will move in ways in which you will have complete control over. While being a part of a Colwood kickboxing class you will develop strength, and a very high level of self-defense. You will take in all of the simple and complex tasks and skills in which are taught during such a class. You will begin to notice that everything you learn during a fitness kickboxing class in Colwood will benefit you both during class and outside of class.

So what will it be? Do you want a new and improved you? A lifestyle that you can be satisfied with, that can make you feel great about who it is that you are and what it is you look like? Do yourself a favor and pick up a Colwood, BC kickboxing class! You will not regret this decision and you will constantly wonder why you didnt enroll in a Colwood kick boxing program sooner.

Becoming Fit With A Proper Fitness Program

While exercise is an important part of fitness and staying healthy, it is not all there is. There is a lot more to truly being fit than running or lifting weights. You will need to be smart and make good decisions in all areas of life if you want to truly get fit. As you age, leading a healthy life and being fit will become more important than ever. How many times, over the last months and years, have you thought “I really need to get healthier” to yourself?

Thankfully you can do a few things today to start to increase your health and fitness. Here are a few tips and tricks that you can use to be healthier and more physically fit.

Your entire body needs to be worked on. Do not listen to anyone who tells you that you only have to work on the areas of your body that you do not like. If you truly want to improve your body you will need to exercise your whole body and its systems. Cardiovascular work, endurance work and strength work are all necessary. To truly get healthy you need to work on all of your muscles. If you only work on a two or three muscles at a time you will only build up those muscles and feel bigger and bulkier than you did before. Go for a swim! Many health and fitness experts insist that swimming is the absolute best workout that you can give yourself. Swimming is a full body workout. It is also the lowest impact sport out there. That means that while your body does not undergo a lot of wear and tear, you are still getting a thorough workout. This is because the water helps to support the weight of your body so that your muscles and cardiovascular system get exercise but your weight is not a factor in the overall workout. This exercise has the added benefit of being a lot of fun.

Use Wii Fit! If you are new to exercise and physical fitness this game can really help you! This program lets you get fit in the privacy of your own living room. It will teach you some basic moves so that when you do decide to exercise in a public space you will have some experience. Many people eschew working out in public because they are afraid of looking silly. Avoid the fear altogether by using Wii Fit.

Getting physically fit at home is easier than it has ever been. If Wii Fit is not your thing there are a lot of other fitness programs that work with the Wii system and the balance board. Fitness is a total state of being that encompasses your mind and your body. You can exercise every single day but if you are not making any other healthy choices you are not going to get very far. To truly get fit you need to eat a healthy diet and make healthy lifestyle choices. In addition to this you, obviously, need to establish a regular exercise routine. If you work with someone who is experienced in fitness, are practical and use your common sense you should be able to achieve quite a high level of fitness.

Those fitness and weight loss tips can help you, however in case you truly wish to receive the best results you will need to go after a complete system that will integrates healthy nutrition plan in addition to effective physical exercises.

Have a look at the links below for few recommendations.

Fitness Equipment Service Tunturi E60 Upright Magnetic Exercise Bicycle Review

Searching for fitness equipment can take a great deal of your time, plus it can be bewildering as well. Because of the abundance of assorted machines to be had, it can occasionally can be tricky to come up with the one which is more suitable for you. A common error which quite a few people share is selecting a low-priced machine in order to hold onto their money. In actuality however, substandard equipment will generally tear up more quickly and stop working. Furthermore, training on a machine which isn’t adequately polished up makes you in danger of being hurt. The stationary bike is a favourite form of exercise equipment. It has a low impact, familiar motion, and most people feel comfortable using it. The more at ease you are with the machine, the more frequently it’s apt to be used. For the best results, fitness experts recommend that you exercise 30 minutes per session, 3 times per week. Here’s some information about a sturdy well-designed exercise bike from Tunturi, the E60 media upright model, and why you should have it maintained by a fitness equipment service.

Fitness Equipment Service: Main Parts of the Tunturi E60 Upright Magnetic Exercise Bicycle

At a cost of approximately 999.00, this machine is precision-designed and consists of all the elements you should need to remain on course with your workout programme. Don’t be fooled, this is some intricate exercise equipment which needs to be maintained in top condition by a service provider. With a state of the art exercise monitor that delivers constant feedback on your workout, you’ll sure to never over- or under-exercise. With this screen you can view the amount of energy burned, distance, speed, RPM, time, and training power or watts. The E60 contains 24 heart rate programmes, along with numerous workout modes like manual and constant heart rate control and quick start. It features user programmes, along with a very significant recovery programme. Along with the integrated programmes, there will be 4 heart rate controlled routines, 4 predetermined programmes, a recovery heart rate programme, a constant heart rate programme and a fitness test. The T-Ride aspect mocks outdoor bicycling.

Fitness Equipment Service: Further Facts Concerning the Tunturi E60 Exercise Bicycle

For those who own an MP3 player which you listen to while you exercise, it will please you to find out that the E60 contains a USB port. In addition, it has an analogue audio/composite video input for a television and DVD player. Also it features an SD card slot. It’s ready to receive digital video and has both AV and PC connectability. The E60′s brake electromagnetic transmission ratio is 1:9, and the rotating mass weighs 14kg. It has a power output of 440W at 100 RPM and 260W at 60 RPM. In the midst of all of these elaborate electronics, many things can break down, as a result, you need to make sure to keep your E60 in good working condition by a loyal and qualified fitness equipment service company.

The Tunturi E60 upright exercise bicycle is a great way to add variety to your fitness regimen. However, if it does require maintenance or repair, it’s best to engage a fitness equipment service firm, and not try to do it yourself.

Compact Fitness Equipment For Your Home Gym

Fitness is growing in popularity by leaps and bounds, but not everyone wants to go running off to the gym. If you have small children, or a busy work schedule, you may just not have the time. Also, you may prefer working out in private without those weight-tossing hulks surrounding you. For these and other reasons, home gyms have become very popular. However, space can be at a premium in the home, which is why compact fitness equipment makes sense. Some gear can even be folded and tucked under the bed or in a closet when not in use.

Before purchasing any fitness equipment you should determine what your goals are, but just about everyone will want a piece of cardio equipment for exercising the heart and some resistance gear (such as dumbbells) for toning and building muscle. Lets have a look at some of the compact fitness equipment thats available.

Compact Exercise Bikes

These stationary exercise bikes offer a great cardio fitness opportunity in a small space. Even if you live in an apartment, you will probably have the room. They take up very little space and come with a wide array of features, so finding the bike thats right for you isnt that difficult at all. Compact exercise bikes come in all different price points and are made by many different manufacturers from low end to high end such as with the Schwinn exercise bikes.

Mini Steppers

Steppers have been popular for some time now but some of these machines can be extremely big and take up a lot of space. Thats where the mini steppers come in. These tiny steppers take up no room at all. It’s true that they are very basic, with no bells and whistles, but at the end of the day they do what any stepper does: offer you a solid cardiovascular workout. These units are so portable you can move them from room to room on a whim, and easily tuck them under a chair or bed when not in use.

Folding Treadmills

Treadmills are a great way to keep walking, jogging, or running when the weather is awful or when you are pressed for time. The trouble is many of them take up a great deal of space. In recent years weve seen a good selection of folding treadmills come to market offering many of the features larger counterparts have, including preset programs, varying elevation, calorie and lap counters, heart rate monitors, and more. Just fold and store under your bed when not in use. Thats convenient!

Resistance Bands

Resistance bands often get overlooked because their real value isnt recognized. They are actually an excellent way to build strength and condition one’s cardiovascular system. They are relatively inexpensive when it comes go fitness equipment, and they take no room at all. Store them in a drawer or hang them on a door hook. Pick up a video or an instruction manual when you buy them; you’ll be amazed at all the different resistance-training exercises you can do to build muscle and tone your body.


Dumbbells are free weights that can be used for strength training. While buying a whole set can get expensive (not to mention taking up a lot of room), you can now purchase compact dumbbell systems that range from a few pounds to 45 or even 90 pounds, all on the same bar. You just select the weight you want. Bowflex Select Tech and Power Blocks are examples. You may also want to get a folding bench to give variety to your workout.

As you can see, there are many options available in fitness equipment even if you have limited space. The key is finding whats right for you and building up a home gym that you’ll appreciate enough to use!

Tips For Creating An Optimal Layout For Fitness Equipment In A Health Club

Designing the layout for commercial fitness equipment in a Health Club can be difficult if you havent done it before. Knowing a few tips beforehand or seeking advice from a commercial fitness equipment dealer is a good idea since theyll have previous experience and knowledge about the optimal layout for the fitness equipment. Here are five tips to keep in mind when setting up a Health Club.
1 Make sure to have enough Cardiovascular Equipment in a convenient location within the facility.
For a lot of gym users the cardiovascular equipment is the most important and the fitness equipment that they will use most often. Make sure you have enough equipment to accommodate multiple users at a time. A medium sized club should have 3-5 Treadmills, 2-3 Elliptical Trainers, 2-3 Exercise Bikes and 1 Stair Climber and/or Rowing Machine. Ensure that there is enough space around the equipment so that users can comfortably get on and off the machine without impeding users on other machines. Cardio Equipment should be facing an open space and not a wall. All the cardio equipment should also be kept in the same general area and preferable with easy access so members dont have to trek though the strength equipment or weight lifting stations to get to it, as that can be pretty intimidating for some members.
2 Space is key for Strength Equipment and Free Weights.
When clients are lifting weights or working on strength machines they need to have enough space to use the full range of motion. If space is limited in your facility than choosing multi-station gyms is a good option. They allow users to work on different muscle groups all on one piece of equipment. For safety reasons there should be a rubber floor in the strength area of the club with enough space in between machines or stations that if a weight is drop it will not hit a user nearby. There should also be an area for free weights and benches, preferably near a wall so the weights can be put away safely. Gym users also like a mirrored wall in the strength area so they can check on their form.
3 Dont forget about stretching.
Its important to remember a cool down, stretching or sit up area for clients as well. This area should be away from the dangers of the strength equipment in a relatively quiet part of the facility. Mats should be provided for floor exercises and a few yoga and Pilates balls are great too. There must be enough floor space for members to lay down and stretch out without hitting walls, equipment or other members.
4 Classes should be held in a separate room
Whether its a yoga class, step class or strength class any instructional classes need their own space and one with a closed door is best. Members who partake in classes dont like being watched by the members who arent taking part. Not only is it a distraction to other users but when classes are held in the open area of the gym, clients in the class will not be working to their full potential usually due to embarrassment. There is also the potential for injury on other pieces of fitness equipment if the class isnt held in its own dedicated closed space.
5 A womens only area is hugely beneficial.
There is a large number of women who will not join or use a Health Club purely because they are intimidated by the idea of working out amongst men. Men lift heavier weights, make more noise and often sweat more than women and this can put people off joining. Having an area dedicated only for women is a huge selling factor to a lot of female club users. The womens only area should have one or two pieces of cardio equipment and a circuit of resistance machines that cover all areas of the body. This area should be convenient to get to from the changing rooms and the women should not have to parade past the weight lifting area to get to it.
Following these simple tips will help create an optimal layout of commercial fitness equipment in a Health Club. Although its not an exact science there are certain things that can be done to make your club more appealing to the users. More knowledge can be gained by speaking with your fitness equipment representative or other gym owners. As they say knowledge is Power.